What is the Purpose of Strippable Coating for Tools

Strippable coating for tools is a type of protective coating that can be easily removed from surfaces without damaging the protected material. This type of coating is typically used to protect metal cutting tools, drill bits, and other equipment from wear and tear during use. Strippable coatings provide superior protection from corrosion and abrasion while also providing excellent adhesion to the substrate. 

Activate the Binding Properties

The process of applying strippable coats begins with cleaning the surface before application. The surface should be free of any dirt, dust, or oil so that the coating will adhere properly. After the surface has been prepped, it must be heated in order to activate the binding properties of the coating material. The temperature needed depends on the specific brand and type of coating being used. 

Multiple Thin Coats

Once the substrate is heated, the strippable type coating material is then sprayed or brushed onto the surface. The coating will often need to be applied in multiple thin coats in order to achieve full coverage and even adhesion. After application, the coated surface should be allowed to dry before use. Some coatings may require baking after application for maximum performance. 

Bonded To the Substrate

When it comes time to remove a strip coat from tools and equipment, there are several options available depending on how strongly the coating is bonded to the substrate. Heat can be used to soften most types of coatings so they can be easily scraped off with tools like putty knives or wire brushes. Chemical solvents can also be used to dissolve the coating material, though this method should only be attempted if the original manufacturer recommends it. 

Preparation and Application

Strippable coatings are a great way to protect tools and equipment from wear and tear during use. They provide an even layer of protection that is easy to apply, remove, and clean up when necessary. With proper preparation and application, these unique coatings can help extend the life of tools while providing superior corrosion and abrasion resistance. Contact DipSeal today!