Type 4 Coatings

A transparent, rubbery coating. Contains no oil or odor. Excellent corrosion resistance. Dipping temperature is 310° (DS88K) and 360° (DS99K). Is an excellent protective coating for wood, tools, and saw blades. Protects against nicks, and scratches. This product also works exceptionally well to give extra protection against breakage of glass and will help contain breakage when it does occur.Type Four coatings are based in a thermo-plastic rubber, which gives them their extreme resilience. These coatings are completely odor free and have no messy oil residue. They are soft and rubbery which makes them flexible and shock absorbent. Type Four coatings are the least expensive of our line of coatings. They are still excellent when used to protect tools from abrasion, during shipping, or long-term storage; even outdoors. Good for mold making.