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We make seven different strippable coatings in an effort to satisfy most applications. Whether you want additional corrosion protection or just to protect against burring, scratching or accidental cuts, we probably have a strippable coating that will work for you. Give us a call and we'll send you a sample to try.

Our strippable protective coatings are easy to apply. Simply melt the small blocks of coating to the recommended dipping temperature and dip whatever you want to protect into the molten coating. Remove it after a second and allow the excess to drain off. Within approximately one minute the coating has cooled to room temperature and within 3-5 minutes it will be completely set up.

To remove, you simply slit the protective coating with a sharp object, or your thumbnail, and peel it off like a banana or an orange. It removes easily and can be reused if you're careful to keep the coating clean which helps reduce the already low cost of using Dip Seal even further.

Dip Seal protective coatings are safe. They contain no VOC's, are non-toxic and are landfill safe for disposal. Protective clothing and accessories are recommended to prevent burns since Dip Seal is a molten product between 300°-360°F.