Type 2 Coating

Type 2 (DS852) Transparent CoatingHas very a low oil exudation and is water clear. Strips clean leaving a very light oil residue on surface. Dipping temperature is 340°F. Available in clear, green, red and blue.Type 2 (DS58-7) Masking - No Exudation (MIL SPEC P-23242B)A transparent coating specially formulated for masking parts to be plated. Good stop off will not contaminate plating solutions. Very tough dry material exudes no oil. Dipping temperature is 350°F.Type 2 (DS587-2) Transparent coating- non oil exudingThis coating is softer and more pliable than the DS587. This coating is excellent for general protective applications such as, tools, plug gages, electrical applications, bottle seals and marine applications. Stock color is clear but custom colors are available. Dipping temperature is 350°F