Type 1 Coating

Type one coatings are the most commonly used for corrosion protection. These coatings leave an oil film on the protected part. A relatively hard coating that is excellent for long-term storage and protection from rough handling. Part numbers, UPC codes, etc., can be easily seen through any of the transparent Type One colors. Recommended dipping temperature for all Type One coatings is 350° F. A Transparent coating of approximately 1/16th of an inch thickness. Remains transparent when dry. Excellent corrosion resistance. Typical uses include protection of machine tools from nicks, corrosion, and moisture. Also it is used to protect sharpened edges. Available in clear, green, red, orange and blue. Non-transparent coating also available in yellow and black. (Oil exudation approx. 2.85%)



  • Cellulose based material
  • Corrosion protection
  • Oily film
  • Dip temperature 350° F
  • DS-250 Clear Transparent Coating
  • DS-300B Blue Transparent Coating
  • DS-300G Green Transparent Coating
  • DS-301 Red Transparent Coating
  • DS-302 Orange Transparent Coating
  • DS-303 Yellow Non-Transparent Coating
  • DS-304 Black Non-Transparent Coating
  • DS-260 Amber Tough Coat has a medium gray transparency. This coating is harder than other Type One coatings. Excellent for maximum abrasion protection and long-term parts storage.