What is Hot Melt Wax Coating for Tools?

Hot melt wax coating is a process in which a hot wax material is applied to the surface of a tool. This can be done by hand or with a machine. The hot material will flow into any crevices and coat the entire surface of the tool. Once the wax has cooled and hardened, it will create a barrier that will protect the tool from moisture, dirt, and other potential damage. This type of coating is often used on tools that are going to be stored for long periods of time or used in harsh environments.

Protecting Tools Over the Short- and Long-TermIt can also be used to improve the grip of a tool, or to make it more comfortable to use. A hot melt wax coat is a simple and effective way to keep your tools in good condition and prolong their life. With today's tool prices at a premium, now is the best time to consider this type of innovative and unique way of protecting tools over the short- and long-term. Best of all, by using this type of technology, tools will perform better and require less maintenance. Saving money and improving productivity is easy when you take a few simple steps like considering coating tools with a hot melt product. 

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